January 20 | Peninsula Productions
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By Bryony Lavery
Directed by Guy Fauchon

One evening, ten-year-old Rhona goes missing. Her mother, Nancy, retreats into a state of frozen hope. Agnetha, an American academic, comes to England to research a thesis: “Serial Killing—A Forgivable Act?” Then there’s Ralph, a loner who’s looking for some distraction. Drawn together by horrific circumstances, these three embark on a long, dark journey which finally curves upward into the light.

Angry, humane, and compassionate, this extraordinary play entwines the lives of a murderer, the mother of one of his victims, and his psychologist to explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse, and change after an act that seems to rule them out entirely.

Audience advisory: mature themes – not suitable for young audience


Sunday, January 20


Peninsula Productions
14600 North Bluff Road
White Rock, BC

A word from the director

Diving Deeper

I like challenging [adjective] theatre. I like it dark, unnerving, uncomfortable, revealing of aspects of ourselves that make me shudder and consider, by contrast, the light. I like challenging [verb] theatre. It engages me in the development of my own process and relationship to the art. It forces me to ask hard questions and consider harder truths. Frozen evokes images of a glacier calving, of an immense iceberg hinting to its true size below the surface; and of a person, chilled and still, unmoving in a hallway, unsure of direction or dimension; and of a winter flower like statice — tumescent purple in a bleak season — destined, still, to fade, whither, and die. The tension between our hidden selves and the forces that shape and define us: this is the exploration.



14600 North Bluff Road
White Rock BC
V4B 3C9
(right beside Centennial Area)

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