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Albertine In Five Times

Albertine in Five Times is a play by Michel Tremblay. First produced by the National Arts Centre in 1984, it has gone on to become one of Tremblay’s most widely produced plays in both its original French and translated English versions.

The play centres on Albertine, who appeared as a minor or supporting character in several of Tremblay’s other works. In the play, the 70-year-old Albertine interacts with her younger selves at the ages of 30, 40, 50 and 60, dramatizing her interior monologue as she reflects on her life after moving into a retirement home. Apart from the five Albertines, the only other character who appears in the play is her sister Madeleine.

Jan Chadburn – Albertine at 70

Shelly Janze – Albertine at 60

Terry Ford – Albertine at 50

Justine Jones – Albertine at 40

Ally Rafter – Albertine at 30

Lisa Greene – Madeline

Mahara Sinclaire – Director

Albertine In Five Times April 4-7, 2024
Mahara Sinclaire, photo

Mahara Sinclaire – Director

I was born in Montreal at the tail end of the Duplessis era on the wings of Lesage’s Quiet Revolution. An era that would herald a change within the Catholic church, and the policies of government giving rise to the FLQ, and opening to the world with Expo ‘67. It was these formative years that imprinted a deep sense of justice, equality, and humanity on the woman I am today.

Tremblay came up in the Plateau district of Mont Royal, streets I would walk as a teenager soaking up the influences of Mordecai Richler and Leonard Cohen, and Tremblay’s women who bore the brunt of English oppression under the thumb of Church and State. One cannot approach a Tremblay play without a deep consideration of a foundation built upon the deeply political, and how it impacted the women he wrote about and their struggle for autonomy and respect. Through his themes of unresolved loss and old family conflicts he presents a woman caged, and shows us the fate of a woman who was born at a time when being a wife and mother was almost the only career path.

In Tremblay’s poignant memory play memories aren’t linear, and bounce around in Albertine at 70’s head. Without one single narrative voice the authority shifts between the Albertines, giving the character’s life depth, and revealing contradictions. Like anyone else Albertine is simply trying to make sense of her life and find happiness through it all.
Working with this group of women has been an absolute honour. Their openness to the vast amount of notes and research I regularly left in their inboxes (sorry!), and their commitment to inhabit the truth of Albertine has left an indelible mark on my heart.

Bonne journée!

Jan Chadburn – Albertine at 70
Jan is delighted to be back on the Peninsula Productions’ stage (under the direction of Mahara Sinclaire), where she has appeared in their productions of Bluebirds, True West and Vagina Monologues. Other credits include True West (The Cultch), Senior Follies (Sidekick Players), Small Things (Naked Stage) and Confetti (Pivot Theatre). She would like to thank the very talented Mahara for this opportunity and looks forward to playing with fellow cast members in this emotional journey.
Jan Chadburn headshot
Shelley Janze

Shelley Janze – Albertine at 60

Shelley is thrilled to be part of this amazing production. This is her first time on stage at Peninsula Productions, and she is sure it won’t be her last. Shelley trains with the top coaches in Vancouver, for both stage and screen. Her theatre credits include No Exit, Happy Birthday, and A Few Good Men. She has booked roles on So Help Me Todd, Riverdale and Turner & Hooch. She’s also a writer and you can read her published essays in the anthology series, Midlife On Fire – true stories about real women in that messy middle of life. Enjoy the show! 
Lisa Greene – Madeline
Lisa is excited to be part of this talented cast for her debut performance with Peninsula Productions! She’s had a great time getting to know and work with director Mahara Sinclaire, the cast, and the crew. She’s looking forward to bringing Madeline to life on stage and sharing the experience with her friend Jan Chadburn, who’s playing Albertine at 70.You might have seen Lisa in shows like The Pajama Game, Iolanthe, Brigadoon, Anything Goes, and Steel Magnolias, where she had central roles.As Oscar Wilde once said, “I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”
Lisa Greene
Terry Ford

Terry Ford – Albertine at 50

This is Terry’s first performance with Peninsula Productions and she is thrilled to be in the cast of Albertine in 5 Times under the direction of Mahara Sinclair. Terry’s earlier work includes productions at Surrey Little Theatre (Bermuda Avenue Triangle and Night Watch), Naked Stage (Admissions), and Langley Little Theatre (Hang the Moon). Chair Series Monologues (Tsawwassen Arts Centre) Aside from the requisite high school/University productions, Terry trained as an actor at Pace University, New York in ‘85/86.  
Justine Jones – Albertine at 40

I just found my diary from my 14 year old self who loved theatre so much she “hoped she could be on stage forever.” This was a nice plan and worked out well until my 30 and 40 year old self settled into married life and motherhood moving from San Francisco to Winnipeg, to Calgary, to Hamilton, to Regina, before landing in Cloverdale. We hit the pause button on acting until my 50 year old self discovered the time to perform in local theatre. This self has been busy re-introducing my love of theatre to me, performing with Sidekick Players and the Royal Canadian Theatre Company. I am grateful for all these selves, and I am intrigued with what they will say if they meet each other in 20 years. I am grateful for this opportunity to share Albertine in all her selves with a really incredible group of women.

Justine Jones
Ally Rafter

Ally Rafter – Albertine at 30

Ally is ecstatic to return to the Peninsula Productions stage and join another talented cast as Albertine at 30. You may recognize her from her previous Peninsula show, No Exit, that played last summer. Other recent theatrical credits include Moon Over Buffalo (DCSS) and The Woman in Black (PHT.) Ally hopes you enjoy the show and would like to thank her friends and family for their endless support.


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