Workshop with David Glass

David Glass Workshop

Featuring physical and devised theatre


 “David Glass is one of the world’s great theatre teachers.” 

Mike Alfreds, Theatre Director (RCS, National Theatre, The Globe, Founder of Shared Experience)


Physical Theatre

This workshop will give the participants a practical approach to physical theatre. Rooted in the body of the performer, emotion, physical metaphor and action become the key elements of the technique. Beginning deep preparation of the performer the first element explored is Elan the French word for ‘life fullness’. David will teach the performer how to have a greater presence on stage. The workshop focuses on the three emotional centres of the body, the basic grammar of movement and fixed points. Elements and the struggle of pushing and pulling. Physical styles of theatre including Comedia, Melodrama and Realism will be touched on during the final day.

Devised Theatre

Devised physical theatre now sits at the heart of modern theatre practice. In this workshop the performer as holistic collaborative maker is central. The participants will explore the tools of eliciting, image making, emergence, story structure and theme, to develop skills in the creation of original and authentic theatre making. David will introduce his five stage Creative Practice used by many theatre companies worldwide including Gecko Theatre (UK) and Theatre Ash (Hong Kong) It sets out a clear framework for allowing self-led companies to develop vivid and robust work.


Day One – Friday September 7th

6-10pm   Physical & Devised Theatre


Day Two – Saturday September 8th

9-5pm Physical & Devised Theatre


Day Three – Sunday September 9th

9-4pm Physical & Devised Theatre




Before July 15th


$150 for emerging artists – please contact for more information

Workshop Prices

The workshop will take place at Peninsula Productions. Our address is 14600 North Bluff Road White Rock, BC.


David Glass has performed, directed and taught in over seventy countries. Trained at the Lecoq school in Paris he has also studied with Augusto Boal, Growtowski, Peter Brook, Alvin Ailey and Mike Alfreds.

David worked as a soloist performing in forty countries before establishing the David Glass Ensemble in 1990 and winning international awards including TMA award for best director for his adaption of Gormenghast. In 1998 he established the Lost Child Project using theatre to create a platform for street children around the world to voice their stories. Taking place in 22 countries The Lost Child Project, helped establish a highly creative approach to Arts in Development. In 2000 he established the Centre For Creative Development in Cambodia, training aid agencies in Creative Practice in partnership with VBNK (Cambodian learning organization). Here he developed a five- stage practical Creative Process that is now used across the world.  Through his forty years of work he has been one of the founders of the Physical/Visual, Devised and Applied Theatre movements.

David continues to write, direct and teach around the world. He established the Centre for Creative Practice with Professor Lynn McDonald, which trains creative workers, development agencies and education organizations to deliver higher quality work. Through this he has become a lead trainer in creativity for the International Labour Organization working for the UN. He is a Visiting tutor in the UK at LAMDA, East 15, Bath Spa University, Surrey University as well as the Kami Haque Centre in Singapore and DPAC in Malaysia. He is also writing book with Director Mike Alfred’s on ‘Directing, Theatre and Life’.

Past students of David include Emma Thompson, Stephen Daldry (Billy Eliot) Simon McBurney (Theatre de Complicite), Amit Lehav (Gecko Theatre), Jim Chim (Theatre Ensemble Hong Kong), Tina Ellen Lee (Opera Circus), Tom Morris (Warhorse) and Adam Sunderland (Sticks Theatre).

Over the next five years the David Glass Ensemble will work internationally on four legacy projects. AB Project is a nine-country youth arts empowerment project using the Anders Breivik killing of 69 young people as a provocation to celebrate the potential of those lost voices. This Changes Everything is a theatrical adaptation of Naomi Klein’s seminal work on climate change and capitalism, War/Peace an International co-production with the Japan Olympics 2020 and A DEvine Comedy, a trilogy of works celebrating the madness of theatre and the modern world. These projects will feed into a legacy learning strand of the DG Ensemble and its educational partners.

In 2018 David was made a senior foreign intellectual consultant on Creativity and Creative Practice to the Ministry of Education China to cascade his methodologies to schools, colleges and Universities over the coming five years.

David believes passionately in the right of young people to celebrate through the arts and that creative learning is not a commodity but a birth right. He is a citizen of the world who resides in London.


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