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“Morally pure girls to be chosen for the Earl Grey Orphan Scheme.”

Jaki McCarrick’s captivating play Belfast Girls tells the story of five young women who escape starvation in 1850 Ireland by winning passage on a ship bound for Australia as part of Earl Grey’s ‘orphan scheme.’ McCarrick examines themes of class division, race and misogyny through the turbulent journey of these women’s lives which are in one moment heartbreaking and the next humourous.

“When I get to Australia I’m going to have me a dozen new dresses, an I’ll rip this one I’m wearing ta fucken shreds.”

Belfast Girls was first presented in 2011 at the King’s Head Theatre in London. It then went on to be developed at the National Theatre Studio and was subsequently published in 2015.  Belfast Girls is now in development to become a feature film. We are delighted to be presenting the Canadian Premiere of this timely and important play.

Running time: 2 hours and 15 minutes including intermission

Playwright Jaki McCarrick will be in attendance on March 11/15/16/18th

March 16th – Talk Back Evening with the Playwright Jaki McCarrick @ the Vancouver Cultch


The Cast of Belfast Girls


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  • megan beddows says:

    my husband and i really got caught up in the emotion and the history and intensity and the ability of the 5 actors to be so believable due to both the writing and their performance, thank you for a wonderful play and performance, megan